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Shaolin Temple (1982 film)

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The Shaolin Temple
Directed by Chang Hsin Yen
Starring Jet Li
Yu Hai
Ding Laam
Yu Cheng Hui
Ji Chun Hua
Cinematography Lau Fung Lam
Chau Pak Ling
Editing by Wong Ting
Ku Chi Wai
Li Yuk Wai
Chang Hsin Yen
Running time 95 minutes
Country Hong Kong Hong Kong
People's Republic of China China
Language Mandarin
Followed by Kids From Shaolin
The Shaolin Temple (Chinese: 少林寺pinyin: Shàolínsì) is a 1982 martial arts film directed by Chang Hsin Yen and starring Jet Li in his debut role. The film is based on the Shaolin Temple in China and depicts the Shaolin martial arts.[1] The film was the first Hong Kong production to be filmed in mainland China.[2] A remake of the film is expected to be released in 2012 titled The New Shaolin Temple and will star Jackie Chan.


The movie was set during the transition between Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty.
The film opens with the scene of a novice (Jet Li) about to be accepted into the Shaolin monastery. When the novice is asked about the vows of abstentions, the movie goes into a flashback showing how he came to the Shaolin Temple; the novice was a conscripted laborer who was forced, with his father, into service of the warlord Wang Shichong, who ruled from Luoyang and assigned to oversee defences at a region near Shaolin monastery against rival warlords.
Provoked into retaliating against harst treatment, father was killed by the guards, but the son managed to escape and found refuge in Shaolin Temple, and was given the name Jue Yuan. In the temple, Jue Yuan eagerly sought to learn martial arts in order to avenge his father. During a failed assassination attempt of Wang Renze, he saved a local girl, Bai, who turned out to be daughter of one of his instructors from the temple.
Later, Jue Yuan and Bai saved a man who was spying on Wang Renze's defences. The spy turned out to be Li Shimin, son of a rival warlord who founded the Tang Dynasty, Li Yuan. Li Shimin was discovered by Wang Renze's men, but managed to escape with the help of a group of martial monks from Shaolin. After Li Shimin escaped, Shaolin temple came under attack by an army for aiding Wang Shichong's enemies, but the army was defeated with the timely arrival of Tang's forces. After Wang Shichong was defeated, Li Shimin returned to the temple to reward the monks and proclaimed high honours for the temple.

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