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Type Assault Rifle
Place of origin  Soviet Union
Service history
Used by Soviet Union
Production history
Designer German A. Korobov
Designed 1962-1966
Manufacturer Tula Arms
Produced 1966 (TKB-059)
Variants Pribor ZB
Weight 4.5kg

Cartridge 7.62 x 39 mm M43
Rate of fire 1400-1800 rounds/min
Feed system 90-round box magazine
Sights Iron sights
TKB-059 (ТКБ-059) was a Soviet three-barrel bullpup assault rifle chambered for the 7.62 x 39 mm round and manufactured by the Tula State Arsenal in 1966. It was based on the Pribor ZB (Прибор 3Б) assault rifle [1] (Опытный, на базе «прибора 3Б»). Both weapons were developed by the small arms designer G. A. Korobov.
The weapons used a tripled 7.62 x 39 mm magazine with a capacity of 90 rounds, with each barrel independently fed from the magazine. The intent was to create a weapon with an increased hitting probability and stopping power. As a project, it was developed to counter the American weapon project SALVO.
TKB-059 can provide capablilities of high rates of fire by firing intermediate calibre rifle rounds in salvos suitable enough for a soldier to handle recoil force during full automatic fire without harsh recoil. It can be fired ambidexrously as the cartridge ejection is downwards behind the magazine area.

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