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(a.k.a. Covelite and Covellite)

Die cast variations:
▪ Silver plastic body, 6 spokes
▪ Ultimate Track Pack
▪ Acceleron Series

Code unlocks: Nothing. Supposed to be Desktop background.

First appeared in Speed of Silence disguised as a realm car and then as an RD-02. The next appearance of Covelight is in the Ice Realm where it is disguised as RD-02 and then Chicane. This vehicle appears in both the Neon Pipeline and Junk Realms in Breaking Point. It is Covelight disguised as Battle Spec that Taro knocks off the road in the Junk Realm allowing Kurt to win the race.

Covelight appears in the Cosmic realm and then later in the Acceledrome during the movie The Ultimate Race.

If you look carefully as the Silencerz approach the Mechanized Destroyer (the big metal dinosaur beast) in the Junk Realm, you'll see two Covelights in the formation. I'm not sure if 1) my eyes are playing tricks on me, 2) this is a mistake in the movie or 3) the Silencerz can transform their vehicle bodies. I guess any could be true...

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