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High Voltage

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▪ Nolo Pasaro

Die cast variations:
▪ Glossy, metallic black body, 6 spokes
▪ Duracell variation - Glossy, metallic black body, regular wheels, ''Duracell'' printed on roof (very rare - never made it into full production)

▪ Team Colors Series with Orange plastic body

Code unlocks: Printable Poster Part 1 of 4

High Voltage appears briefly at the beginning of Speed of Silence. Just as soon as we see it, it gets destroyed. While testing the Swamp Realm AcceleCharger in the Acceledrome's test track, Nolo overuses the card, causing catastrophic damage to the car. What's left of the car ends up at the bottom of a crevasse. Nolo barely escapes with the AcceleCharger.

I have seen on eBay, once, a High Voltage with standard Hot Wheels tires and the Duracell logo on top.

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