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▪ Dr. Peter Tezla
▪ Lani Tam (at the end of The Ultimate Race)

▪ High intensity polarized light emitters

Die cast variations:
▪ Shiny Silver body, 6 spokes
▪ Flat silver body, 6 spokes
▪ McDonald's Happy Meal variation with interior light
▪ Drone'd Series
▪ Standard Silencerz markings

Die cast car errors:
▪ Body paint crackled

Code unlocks: Icon set - Silencerz.

AcceleRacers: Ignition opens with this car attempting to get the Wheel of Power before the Racing Drones take it. The car is shot down at the last second and the Wheel of Power is taken. The driver (Dr. Tezla) manages to escape before RD-L1 can take care of business.

The car reappears in Breaking Point as Dr. Tezla enters the Neon Pipeline Realm to confront the Silencerz.

Something to notice: When a Teku or Metal Maniac car takes a hit from a Racing Drone cannon, the car is blown apart. Nitrium took a hit and stayed intact (though the subsequent fall and thrashing by RD-L1 pretty much finished it off). The car is also equipped with the Emergency Driver Return system.

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