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Spine Buster

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(a.k.a. Spinebuster)

▪ Mark Wylde
▪ Monkey McClurg (in the Metro Realm)

▪ Grappling hook
▪ Lava plow
▪ Asphalt anchor

Die cast variations:
▪ Flat gray engine, 5 spokes
▪ Flat gray engine, 6 spokes
▪ Chrome engine, 5 spokes
▪ Acceleron series - dark orange body
▪ Acceleron series - orange body
▪ Holiday Hot Rods

Code unlocks: Desktop Background - Wylde

Mark Wylde's beloved car, the entire right side seems to be taken up by some kind of engine or furnace. A rugged and powerful car, it fits ''Wylde'' better than his previous car in the World Race (the Corvette Stingray). Monkey took Spine Buster into the Metro Realm after his car's windshield was smashed by Nolo) where is was caught by the Sweeper and dismantled. Spine Buster was replaced by Flathead Fury after tha

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