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▪ Shirako Takamoto

▪ Huge sound and lighting system linkable to other Teku vehicles
▪ Remote control of sound system
▪ Integrated laptop with wireless Internet connection
▪ Jump jets

Die cast variations:
▪ White body, 6 spokes
▪ McDonald's Happy Meal variation with interior light
▪ Standard Teku markings - white body, 6 spokes
▪ Drone'd series
▪ Track Stars Series or 10 packs

Code unlocks: Screensaver - hotwheels_scrsv1.exe

A sweet ride, built not just for speed, but for looking good as well. Notice that the driver's seat is on the right side of the vehicle. Bassline was destroyed in the Cliffside Realm when Kurt Wylde forced Shirako off the road in order to prevent him from using his damaged Nitrox booster (which would’ve exploded). Shirako builds a new Bassline, completing it in time for the race through the Junk Realm. This Bassline was overturned and abandoned in the Racing Drones' headquarters during the effort to save Markie.

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