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▪ Shirako Takamoto
▪ Vert Wheeler

This motorcycle was used by Shirako in the Neon Pipeline Realm while the new Bassline was under construction. Shirako was thrown from the cycle when it was hit by a blast from a Racing Drones RD-07 mini-cannon. It’s unclear if Nightlife was destroyed as you never see it again in that realm after that - Shirako either rode it out or caught a ride to the portal.

Vert rides Nighlife in the Ruins Realm. Nighlife ends up being crushed under the foot of a giant, walking statue while Vert escapes in Nolo's car.

At first I thought this was the motorcycle that Vert disappeared on during The Speed of Silence, but later in Breaking Point you could clearly see that it wasn't Nightlife that Vert was driving.

Despite Shirako riding Nightlife in Breaking Point, Vert Wheeler is the driver identified with this motorcycle in all of the Hot Wheels official documentation. Maybe he owns it or something.

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